Document translation, what are the most important factors you need to consider? A few tips and tricks to get your document translated

To have a document translated by a translation agency in a cost-effective way, we give you five tips on how best to deliver a text.

1. Make sure the text is completely finished

If changes are made to the text several times after it has been translated, this will result in higher costs. Therefore, make sure that all the corrections have been made before the text is submitted for translation.

2. Send lists of abbreviations and terms

If you have a list of specialist terms, terminology or abbreviations specific to your industry, send this along to the translation agency as well. The translator will then use these lists in the translation process, which will ultimately save time and money.

3. Deliver files digitally

By delivering the files digitally our translators overwrite the source text. The advantage of this is that the layout, images and any codes are retained. This saves time, because the customer no longer has to format or adapt the text.

4. Ensure good planning for large documents

Do you have large documents to be translated? Then it is wise to plan this carefully. A professional translator can translate an average of about 2,500 words per day. The rule is: a complex text takes more time than a simple text.

5. Clearly communicate your wishes

When a translator translates a document he or she only looks at the part to be translated. A translator will not tinker with the document to make it look nicer.

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